The final resting place of the Zay family members

The baronial, since 1830 county family Zay from Uhrovec and Csömör is connected with Bučany thanks to the ownership of the manor house and its share in the Bučany estate. Peter Zay bought the manor house in 1770-1771 and made it the family seat. The manor house was surrounded by a large park, part of which was designated for the establishment of a cemetery. The family tomb was built on its then dominant place, in a direct axis to the façade of the manor house. The manor house was owned by the family until 1878, when Karol Zay’s son Ľudovít Alexander sold it and subsequently it ceased to serve as a residential building. The layout of the cemetery was also changed with the parceling out of the park, the tomb found itself in a secluded area of the cemetery and after 1945 it ceased to be maintained. The area of the tomb was explored and restored in 2020-2022 with the financial support of the Trnava Self-Governing Region and the municipality of Bučany.

The tomb and the adjacent graves contain important members of the family and a friend of Karol Zay, who contributed to the development of Bučany as well as to the cultural and political life in Hungary at that time:

Imrich Richard Zay

7 January 1765 Bratislava
18 August 1831 Bučany
Philanthropist, landowner, died as a result of cholera while staying in Bučany during the epidemic. According to the regulations in force, he had to be buried urgently - as the first of the family in a hastily designated place. The grave was later not allowed to be moved, so members of his family had a separate tomb built.

Karol de Witte

28 August 1796 ?
21 June 1859 Bučany
Friend of Karol Zay, son of Karolína, née. Artner, companion of Mária Zay and Karol Juraj de Witte. The grave and tombstone were ordered to be made by Karol Zay (AMICO FRATERNO/ CAROLO de WITTE/ V. Col. Caeo. Reo./ n. 28 Aug. 1796/ † 21 Jun 1859/ CAROLUS C. ZAY, translated as Fraternal Friend/ Karol de Witte/ lieutenant colonel/ b. 28 August 1796/ † 21 June 1796/ Karol Count Zay).

Mária Alžbeta Helena Zay, rod. Calisius

23 February 1779 Slovenské Pravno
1 April 1842 Sopron
Wife of Imrich, in German writing and publishing writer, philanthropist, supporter of arts and education.

Karol Zay

12 February 1797 Sopron
8 October 1871 Bučany
Politician, businessman, inspector general of the Protestant Church in Hungary, known for his attempt to make education more Hungarian and to unite Protestants and the Reformed. He was also a supporter of freedom of speech, press, business and the equality of Jews.

Karolína (Lotte) Zay, née. Prónay

27 February 1803 Aszód
24 February 1852 Bučany
First wife of Karol Zay.

František Zay

2 September 1829 Bučany
18 January 1876 Vienna, Döbling
Son of Karol Zay and Karolína, née. Prónay.